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Look Younger & Heal Your Skin Naturally!

Clay Beauty Kaolin White is specially formulated with SUPERFOODS turmeric & spirulina to give your skin the ultimate in nourishing anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties.

This item is 100% plant Based.


Ingredients: Kaolin White Clay Powder* Organic Turmeric * Organic Spirulina


1. Anti-Aging

2. Deep Cleanse

3. Great for Acne

4. Anti-Fungal

5. Tighen Pores

6. Beautify Skin Tone

7. Good for Sensitive Skin

9. Chlorophyll Rich

DIRECTIONS: Mix 2 tbsp. dry powder with a little water until clay consistency, place on clean dry skin, leave on for 20 mins., rinse & moisturize.

**You will see IMMEDIATE results, although consistent use is good for long term benefits.**

Size: 4 oz. Serving Per Container: 16