Leap Into The Unknown.

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We all have dreams. There's something that's inside all of us that desire to shine so bright, we can just see ourselves living our dreams. But, how do we go from dreaming to actually doing? That is the question I have asked myself many times over. And, I have come to the conclusion that the answer is always somewhere in between just do it or maybe I'll wait until this or that.

Philosophers of all backgrounds have stated one common fact on the art of achieving your dreams. You must be fearless and leap into the unknown for the known to be realized.

I have leaped on many occasions and have benefited from the journey of self exploration. If nothing else, I did learn more about who I am, what I really want and my toughness quota.

Many times along this journey I have been bruised & worn down by life's many obstacles. But, for some strange reason I found joy not long after each experience. I believe my happiness came from reaching for something that my heart desired no matter the consequences I faced.

Most times I never knew where I was headed or where I'd end up, but belief in my dream always gave me the strength and courage to keep moving forward. And, because of the forward motion I repeatedly practiced, I found out that my DREAMS are more than possible, they are real.

love & good energy,

~Michelle Hill